Vogel Motors Inc. - Brandon SD

Vogel Motors Inc. is the local one stop shop for all car/truck maintenance, service and repair. Our automotive technicians are waiting to help you with any problem your vehicle is having or perform regular inspections to keep your vehicle performing at its top performance. We are affordable, reliable and convenient auto repair, maintenance and service.

Services Vogel Motors provides:

Blue Star Oil Change/Service Blue Star Brakes Blue Star Tune-ups Blue Star Transmission flush
Blue Star Car & Truck Battery Blue Star Suspension Blue Star Engine Repair Blue Star Stock and Custom Exhaust
Blue Star Fuel injection cleaning Blue Star Tires & Wheels Blue Star Driveline Repair Blue Star Air Conditioning
Blue Star Performance and Appearance Accessories Blue Star Electrical Blue Star General Motor Cycle Maintance Blue Star Tires and accessory Installation
Blue Star Towing Blue Star Steel and Aluminum Welding

We handle essentially all your vehicle needs. Call Vogel Motors to schedule an appointment, we'll be happy to help.