Blue Star Oil Change/Service
Oil changes are essential in keeping your vehicle in tip top shape. For each oil change, we include preventative maintenance checks which includes:
     - inspections of belts - hoses - fluid levels - tire pressure and wear
     - brakes - lights - air filters - wiper blades - coolants
We use Premium Valvoline Oils and high quality filters. Quality products make a big difference on the longevity of your engine.
Blue Star Brakes
Regular brake inspections are a good idea, they can even save you money. We often end up having to replace extra parts during a brake job due to people letting them grind or squeal too long before bringing it in repairs. A brake inspection entails checking pad wear and depth of both the inner and outer pads on both sides of the front and rear brakes. Checking the rotors and or drums for irregular wear or damage. Checking the brake fluid level and condition. Inspecting the master cylinder and brake lines as well as the calipers and wheel cylinders for leakage or damage.
When Vogel Motors does a brake job on your vehicle, it is performed with high quality parts. Original equipment grade or better is a must. If your car wont go, yes it's a pain, but if it cant stop, now it's a matter of life or death. No "cheap" parts allowed.
Blue Star Tune-ups
A tune up can mean a lot of different things. At our shop we want it to mean you can feel comfortable that your engine is running at it's best. we will inspect and/or replace things like spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, air filter, fuel filter, check the engine timing, battery, etc. these items vary for each vehicle. Rest assured we are using high quality parts for your vehicles repairs.
Blue Star Transmission flush
At Vogel Motors we strive to extend the life of your vehicle as a whole. This often entails changing fluids of different sorts. We have machines to flush the various fluids in your vehicle, one of those being your transmission. Transmission fluid can break down over time, loosing some of it's hydraulic qualities also carrying contaminants and abrasive particles throughout the transmission. Thus needing to have the fluid and filter changed as part of it's service regiment. The longevity of your transmission fluid can have a lot to do with the driving habits and typical usage of a vehicle. Trucks pulling heavily loaded trailers will of course need serviced sooner and more frequently than grandma's grocery getter. We also have equipment to flush your cooling system, power steering system, brake fluid system and fuel injection systems.
Blue Star Car & Truck Batteries
The battery in your vehicle has more to do with how your car runs than one might think. In years past if the car started you never had to worry about the battery while it was running. In today's modern age of cars we find the electrical systems in our vehicles growing more complex daily. Therefore the voltage carried in the system can greatly affect the performance of a modern vehicle. If the voltage is low due to a weak or malfunctioning battery or alternator, the car may run as if it were weak or running out of fuel. This may be easily remedied by replacing your battery and testing the alternator and charging system. other times further repairs are needed, like an alternator , connection point or battery cable. We offer 3 different brands of batteries, all meeting original equipment standards or better. A cheap battery found at box stores often will not carry the capacity or longevity of a high quality battery bought at Vogel Motors.
Blue Star Suspension
There a lot of parts that can wear out or make squeaks and groans in our cars. Most of those parts can severely change the stability, handling and safety when they go bad so finding and fixing the issue promptly is a must. Vogel motors inspects and repairs suspension systems on virtually any brand or model of car or light truck available. Whether it needs struts, shocks, ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links, etc. We use quality parts for all repairs.
Blue Star Tires & Wheels
With all the tires and wheels out there in the world it's hard to know what is actually meant to go with your particular vehicle and what's not. You don't need to worry about it, that's our job. Our technicians are trained to know each vehicle's specific needs for ride quality, handling and traction. We have a variety of brands and styles of tires in stock and we are linked with over 25 tire dealers so whatever your car needs for tires, we can handle it. As for wheels, black, chrome, aluminum or steel, we have many different sizes types and brands available, everyone has different taste so there are hundreds to choose from.
Blue Star Engine Repair
The engine is the heart of your vehicle, they have many moving parts inside and can sometimes have external or internal problems. We are trained to diagnose and repair those issues. From leaky gaskets or intakes to valve work.
Blue Star Stock and Custom Exhaust
Vogel Motors is well known for it exhaust work. Be it a custom high flow dual exhaust system under your show car or maybe drag car or simply replacing stock system parts. Flowmaster, Magnaflow, DynoMax, Cherry Bomb, Thrush, Street flow Etc or stock parts. We keep hundreds of mufflers, pipes and other exhaust parts in stock so we can build to suit whatever you desire.
Blue Star Fuel injection cleaning
With the high quality of gasoline we have in this area (insert sarcasm here) the fuel injection system in your car will need cleaning sooner or later. The injectors in our cars get varnished over time. We can fix that, by flushing the injection system with a solvent or cleaning agent, testing the system pressure to verify proper fuel pump operation and installing a fresh fuel filter. Whatever the fuel problem, we can remedy the situation.
Blue Star Driveline Repair
There are many wear points in a vehicles drive line, be it a front or rear wheel drive, they all have parts that wear out. Constant velocity joints, universal joints, ring and pinion gears, bearings, axle shafts, etc. we can take care of whatever your driveline needs.
Blue Star Air Conditioning
The air conditioning systems in modern cars are far more complex than just 10 years ago. They still have the basic refrigerant under pressure = cooling type system, but many have a climate control unit rather than a slide thermostat adjustment as in the past. Most are computer controlled to keep a consistent temperature in the cab of the vehicle therefore issues can arise, sensors ,monitors, electronic clutch hardware and many other small items along with mechanical compressor issues or refrigerant leakage can cause a system to not operate properly. Our techs are trained to diagnose and repair whatever the problem may be.
Blue Star Performance and Appearance Accessories
The technicians at Vogel Motors always enjoy a nice hot rod project. We have done all different sorts of performance and appearance enhancements. From blower & super charger kits, intake kits, heads, exhaust systems, Nerf bars, running boards, grille guards, roll bars with lights, etc. we've been there and can help you get there too.
Blue Star Electrical
As previously stated. Vehicles have a lot of electronics in this day and age. Thus we are all bound to have electronic issues at some point. Vogel Motors has diagnostic equipment to connect with your cars computer, run tests and check multiple sensors functions. From there we can come up with a repair solution and get you back on the road.
Blue Star Steel and Aluminum Welding
Vogel Motors has 3 certified welders on staff. We have equipment for mig and tig welding (steel and aluminum) also torch and plasma cutting available and mild blue printing skills. We like to fabricate a few things now and then so if you have something that needs assembled or a idea in your head that needs sketched and built. We have built items ranging from church choir risers to extending a semi trailer frame.
Blue Star Towing
Vogel Motors has it's own wrecker and flat bed towing service, which makes getting your broken down car to our shop much easier than most shops. Having an in house towing service means neither you or I have to call another towing service and wait for them to have time to come get your car. We will come pick it up and get it into the shop and you wont have to worry about it, one phone call takes care of it all. Plus we have some of the most reasonable towing rates in the area.
Blue Star Motor Cycle Maintenance, Tires and accessory Installation
We also do motorcycle maintenance! I have been riding and repairing motorcycles for over 20 years. We do tire replacements, oil & all drive fluids changes, belts, brakes, electrical, mild tune up work, general inspections and all types of accessories installation from ape hanger handle bars to full chromed out exhaust systems.